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This page links to websites about walking and walking fitness. If you know of a good website to link to, please send email to kpearson@horsetooth.net and let me know about it.

Walking/Fitness Information
How to Start Walking for BeginnersA free information guide from About.com on how to start walking.
Walking/Fitness Tools
Gmap PedometerA free website which uses Google Maps to let you calcuate your walking route distances.
MapMyWalkA free website which uses Google Maps to let you input a starting address and desired distance and creates a walking route for you.
Sports/Activities Which Incorporate Walking
geocaching.comThe most popular website for geocaching (an activity in which you use a GPS to find caches hidden at particular latitude and longitude coordinates and walk/hike to find the caches).
VolksmarchNon-competitive fitness walking: clubs and events.
Walking Programs/Challenges
American On the MoveAn organization which sets up community walking challenges to get participants to increase their daily steps to 10,000 per day. It also provides free online tools to help individuals increase and maintain their fitness levels.
Walking Clubs
American Volkssport AssociationAVA walking clubs and events.
Canadian Volkssport FederationCVF walking clubs and events in Canada.
Walking Off the Big AppleA walking guide to New York City
Families.com Fitness Blog | WalkingA blog about walking fitness for families.
Walking for Fitness - Weight Loss - ExerciseA blog about walking for fitness.

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